Here is a detailed description of the courses offered at Mupfure Industrial Training College

Enterprise Research And Development

The department offers intensive, hands-on professional skills training to adults and workers in formal and non-formal sectors of the economy (unskilled/uncertified). In all the commercial applied arts and sciences and technical courses taught at the college.


Block release Programmes

These are run during the school holidays for four blocks which are three(3) weeks long each. The student goes for attachment during the ordinary school/college terms. On successful completion, the student gets a TFE Certificate, NFC(HEXCO), and Trade Test Certificate(Only in designated areas)

The entry requirement for block release programs is the ability to read and write.


Short Courses

These are short courses which run from one week to three months in specific areas.


Trade Test Orientation

These are designed to prepare those who are going for trade test theory and practical examination

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