Here is a detailed description of the departments offered at Mupfure Industrial Training College


The main target groups of the training programs were ex-combatants, war restrictees, detainees and refugees. The guiding principle in targeting this market was that the group had been disadvantaged during the period of the liberation struggle and they could not be easily integrated into the existing Technical and Vocational Education System.


Agriculture Department

The department offers Horticulture at NC level (HEXCO) and Training for Enterprise (TFE) in Agriculture and NFC(HEXCO) in Animal and Crop Production.


Applied Arts

The Vision is to produce students who are focused and practically oriented to suit the dynamic industry in Applied Arts and Sciences.

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Automotive Department

The department is responsible for equipping trainees with automotive engineering skills for self-sustenance and employment creation.


Commerce Department

The department is responsible for teaching three main supporting subjects to all students that is, Computers, NASS and EDS. In addition to that the department offers HEXCO NC courses like Accounting, HR, Marketing and Information Technology.


Construction Department

The department is responsible for training 3 main courses, i.e. building technology, wood technology and plumbing and Drain Laying. In addition the department offers Trade test orientation and HEXCO courses in the 3 main sections.


Enterprise Research And Development

The department offers intensive, hands-on professional skills training to adults and workers in formal and non-formal sectors of the economy (unskilled/uncertified). In all the commercial applied arts and sciences and technical courses taught at the college.

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